The dualistic goals of CAD/CAM software in shipbuilding: supporting innovative designs and facilitating production.

In early the 1980s, CAD/CAM software was in the earliest stages of rising as an emerging innovation. Bottlenecks included underdeveloped hardware, the ingrained practice of using 2D drawings for designs, and a lack of tools in 3D ...

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Data-driven shipbuilding is a key driver behind maritime digital transformation

The digital transformation in the maritime industry is a hot topic these days. The design of large and complex vessels is a challenging organisational task. At the same time, the industry has to accelerate the time-to-market, drive down costs, shorten lead-time, ...

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Agile software development – plans are not carved in stone.

The popularity of agile software development methods started about decade ago and at present these methods are employed by many big, medium size and small companies. Traditionally, agile transformation starts from the bottom up, from the lower ...

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